Naked Kitty Naturals

Paper Tube Deodorant

$8 $15

Naked Kitty Deodorants are made with tea tree essential oil and coconut oil to battle bacteria and odour, bentonite clay to absorb odours to make you feel fresh, and arrowroot powder to keep you dry all day. These deodorants are fantastic if you're transitioning from conventional drug-store antiperspirants to something gentler.

Simply push up with your finger from the bottom to apply, and cap when you're finished applying. When you're done with the tube, discard the label and remove the inner coating, break up into smaller pieces and incorporate it into your compost.

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, cocoa butter, baking soda, coconut oil, bentonite clay, beeswax, essential oils

Proud Mary: A light floral scent

Lumbersexual: Spicy and fresh

Rosemary Lavender: Sweet and herbal

Flower Child: Gently floral

Minty Fresh: Refreshing mint

Bergamot Lime: Subtle citrus

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