Get Stoned 2.0 - Gua Sha


Toronto Based. Stone Facial Tool.

Gua Sha a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment used for muscle aches, headaches and facial lifting. It is historically also known as skin scraping, spooning or coining.

In TCM, Gua Sha is used to address stagnant energy called qi (pronounced chi). It is believed that stagnant energy is responsible for inflammation in the face and body. Gua sha stones are used to scrape the skin using long or short strokes to stimulate blood flow circulation, increase nutrients delivered to the skin and drain toxins through the lymph nodes.

How to get stoned in 4 simple steps

1) Clean the filth of the day (or night) off your face and remove all makeup. Apply a generous amount of your favourite facial oil.

2) Using slow strokes, work your way upwards and outwards. Breathe out all the bullsh*t and focus on one side of your face at a time.

3) Use only the weight of the stone as you go - and not that of the impending global crisis - especially around the delicate eye area.

4) Repeat each stroke 3-5 times until practically glowing and be sure to clean your tool with a mild cleanser (or just dip it in your mimosa) after each and every use.

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