Naked Kitty Naturals

Dark Matter Scrub + Mask


This preservative-free powdered scrub is gentle enough for all skin types! These scrub + mask multitaskers contain jojoba beads that will gently slough off dead skin cells, while cleaning deeply and minimizing pores.

To use: Shake 1-2 teaspoons of powder into a small bowl or cup. Slowly add water to the powder to create a paste of desired consistency. Apply with clean fingers to entire face, or use as a spot treatment. Leave on for 5-15 minutes, scrub gently while rinsing with warm water. Use once a week.

Pinky Swear works best on sensitive skin, but can be used for all skin types. Dark Matter is excellent for problematic or acne-prone skin.

Ingredients: (Dark Matter): Jojoba meal, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, calendula powder, lavender powder. 

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