Consonant Skincare

Cooling Face Globes


Introducing Consonant Cooling Face Globes!

Place these glass globes in the fridge (not freezer!) to cool and then use them as a luxurious tool for a refreshing facial massage. 

Cold temperatures can create a vacuum effect in the skin, helping products penetrate more deeply. They can also cause constriction in the skin, reducing the appearance of redness and inflammation. 


- Place the cooling globes in the fridge (not freezer) for at least 10 minutes

- Apply Consonant Vitamin E + Oat Oil Serum or HydrExtreme Sheet Mask

- If you need guidance, follow along with our Cooling Globe facial massage HERE

- Clean the globes with a gentle cleanser like our Natural Foaming Face Wash and leave to dry

- We recommend storing the globes in their carrying box to protect them

- As they are made of glass and filled with non-freezing liquid please keep them out of reach of children and pets.

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