2022 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 2: For a Special Someone

Spending the holidays with a special someone? Well, we've got some things to make gifting fun! If keeping things intimate and playful sounds like you, pick up some of these items for your partner.. that's all you have to do!

Sometimes, the people we know the best are the ones that can be the WORST to shop for... "What if they don't like it?", "What if they wanted the other colour?", "What if someone else already bought this for them?"

Well, we've got some more items put together in this installment of our Holiday Gift Guide for you and your significant other to enjoy together; and some of these gifts might be a bit awkward to receive from anyone other than an intimate partner, so you can rest easy knowing your gifts probably won't be duplicates of someone else's.

Maude Shine Lubricant (Organic/Silicone) ($36) - Maude is a sexual wellness company that's built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity. Their products strive to make intimacy better for ALL people. These personal lubricants are the perfect product to gift to a partner to demonstrate your love of the intimate moments you share together, and to level-up those future intimate moments too *wink wink*.

Maude Massage Candles ($26.50 ea./$75- set of 3) - Maude's Massage Candles are formulated with jojoba and soybean oils; these oils will soften and nourish your partner's skin while you give them a relaxing body massage, and the subtle scent of the essential oils fill the air.

Province Apothecary Sex Oil ($22-$32) - Province Apothecary's Sex Oil is a light and moisturizing oil that's suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin types! (Do not use with latex products)

Province Apothecary Lover's Oil ($26-$38) - This massage oil is lightly scented with the most sensual essential oils, and is a perfect way to boost the intimacy levels in the bedroom!

K'pure Happy Ending Salve ($17-$32) - If you or your partner suffer from sore muscles and aching joints, this salve is the answer! Gift to your partner and offer to assist with applying the salve to their achy areas while they relax and allow the tension to melt away.

ESW Sheet Mask Sets ($37.50-$40) - These sets are a super easy and fun way to create an at-home spa/date night with your partner! Since sheet masks require little-no effort, you and your partner can take your picks from the different options in the set, slap that mask on (not really, be gentle with your face plz), then hang back and watch a movie, or work on a puzzle together while the sheet mask absorbs and works its magic. 

Só Luxury Bath Sóaks ($8-$34) - Só Luxury is by-far the most popular brand we carry for any bath products; pick out one of their best-selling bath sóaks or bath salts to gift, or try out with your partner!

Hopefully this helps spark some inspiration when it comes to your holiday shopping for your partner, and if you're still feeling stumped, then pop in to the store or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help you come up with the perfect present!

Happiest of Holidays, and don't forget to keep a watch for the next installment of our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

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